‘Here. There will be’ showcases poetry, dance, and singing to create… dare we say OPERA.

Through the expression of creativity and art, each of us is able to grow on our journey of self-love and discovery. Opera Omaha has created this particular series to provide opportunities for Black artistry and creativity to be seen, recognized, honored, and celebrated.

A.B.E. seeks to curate experiences that create points of inspiration within all who read, hear, or see our work.

– Andrea Joy Pearson and Chabrelle Williams

Our Mission

Unboxing the operatic experience in unexpected and exciting ways

Our Vision

Opera Omaha's Amplifying the Black Experience series seeks to honor, celebrate, and bring awareness to the multifaceted stories of the Black community through art, music and multimedia, with an intentional focus on the community here in Omaha, Nebraska.

Our Values

A ppreciate and celebrate authenticity

M otivate audiences to support Black creatives

P ush the boundaries of what we call Opera

L ink the world of opera to historically excluded populations

I nspire audiences with artists from their community and abroad

F oster reciprocal relationships with organizations in our community

Y es, AND - We will always be open to new ideas!

Current Projects

Fibonacci and Me | A Contemporary Opera Short Film featuring Poetry + Animation + Classical Voice

Past Projects

March 2022

A.B.E. Q&A and Premiere of ‘Feeling Black and Rejuvenated’ at Millwork Commons in Omaha, Nebraska

Feeling Black and Rejuvenated showcases Spoken Word and Operatic Lo-fi


“Hold Fast to Dreams”

The future is bright with possibilities. We are resilient, we are brilliant, we are our dreams.
-Melanie Bacaling and Chabrelle Williams, A.Bl.E. co-curators.


Black American Truths

Streamed live on Oct 26, 2020

Black American Truths is a discussion between some of Omaha's community leaders that explores the collective injustice Black Americans can and do face every day.


Opera Omaha curators Melanie Bacaling and Chabrelle Williams launched Amplifying the Black Experience in 2020 with the purpose of honoring, celebrating, and bringing awareness to the multifaceted stories of the Black community.

In January of 2022, Andrea Joy Pearson and Chabrelle Williams came together to continue to bring Amplifying the Black Experience’s vision to life.

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