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Holland Community Opera Fellowship

Nov 21, 2019
Highlight From A Community Partner: “What??? Opera? What the heck is Opera? Won’t that be too hard? We can’t do that? Do we have to learn Italian?”
Tiffiny Clifton Gotta Be Me, Founder & Executive Director “What??? Opera? What the heck is Opera? Won’t that be too hard? We can’t do that? Do we have to learn Italian?” Yes, this is what we heard back from the Gotta Be Me Heartlight choir crew when we excitedly told them we were lucky enough to be working with the Opera Omaha Holland Community Opera Fellows. And then we laughed and joked and talked all about how Opera is for everyone – we just didn’t know it yet – we couldn’t see it yet or feel it……….not just yet. We talked and learned about how Opera is so much more than sing...
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Jan 18, 2019
"Not Just an Aria Machine": Chabrelle Williams Interview
In the interview links below: I talked to Chabrelle Williams a few weeks back about her experience at the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions and the fact that she won her district of Philadelphia, which is really exciting! I also learned more about Chabrelle’s operatic craft. This is a part of The Connective Tissue Podcast series that’s supported by Opera Omaha. Chabrelle had a powerful homecoming as she teared up during her audition. Her friends, family, and supporters were able to see her hard work and dreaming come to frui...
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Dec 20, 2018
Healing Arts Holiday Concert
Opera Omaha’s Healing Arts Concerts are always a treat, however, the holiday set was delightful in its respect to both rich operatic craft and the festive season. I’m accustomed to earwormy pop renditions during the month of December and, to my dismay, the premature launch of cheer in November after the turkeys have been eaten. My habit is to bob my head but pay them no more mind than that. I’ve never felt captured by musical Christmas staples. The Holland Community Opera Fellows, José Maldonado, Jessica Johnson Brock, Kate Pomrenke, and Chabrelle Williams, sang classics that are often made plastic by repetition for high grossing albums such as Whit...
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Dec 7, 2018
Opera Omaha Guild Presents: Victorian Tea Holiday Party
It should come as no surprise that Opera Omaha is supported in part by the community and in part by a particular subset of the community that has invested in the connoisseurship of opera called the Opera Omaha Guild. I’ve met members at various events and engagement opportunities over the last few months, but there were many new faces at the cheerful gathering of Opera Omaha Guild’s Annual Victorian Tea in the home of Melissa Marvin. Within the bright yellow walls, members, friends, and family came together for reasons that we can all relate to: the consumption both of food and of beautiful art. I counted myself lucky to n...
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