Get to Know the Staff: Laura Jaros

Nov 16, 2016

Laura Jaros
Development Associate
Length of time you have worked with Opera Omaha:

2 months

Six-word summary of your job/duties/what you do:

supporting philanthropic culture of the company

Describe the best or most rewarding part of your job:

Getting to meet so many wonderful people!

Your all-time favorite opera or theatrical production:

I honestly can’t choose, they are all amazing 🙂

Your unofficial position in the company (e.g. ‘class clown’, ‘bouncer’, etc.):

“Lounge Bouncer” according to some of our patrons

Your secret talent:

yoga enthusiast

Create a super-hero persona based on your position in the company:

I am going to go with Robin as in Batman and Robin, I’m kind of like Jessica’s sidekick.

Outside of the office you can be found doing….:

spending time with my family and friends, traveling, dancing, practicing yoga, binge watching TV shows, working out, FaceTiming with my besties back in LA

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